Lemon cake and one year with the blog!


Good morning everyone! Today is my blog´s brithday, one year ago I started this project and at has been amazing.

Today I´m bringing you my first baking recibe from the blog but in English so that those who don´t understand english can also make it.

The recibe that I´m showing you today is the first one theta I learned to bake when I was really small because is súper easy to put together.

I called this lemon cake » Tata´s cake» because my tata (sorry I don´t know how to transalate this word) showed it to me how to prepared and it´s my favourite cake.


· 1 lemon yoghurt
· 1 mensure yoghurt os any vegetable oil
· 3 free-range médium size eggs
· 3 measures yoghurt of white granulated sudar
· 3 measures yoghurt of all-porpuse flour (with no raising agent)
· 1 package of baking powder Royal tupe (16 grams)
· lemon/orange test (lemon/orange extract if you wish but is opcional)



We start by grasing our 23 cm (9 inches) round pan with butter and flour or either a non-stick cooking spray (available in baking shops) and some parchement paper at the bottom.

For this recipe you don´t need to preheat your oven but we will bake the cake a 180º or 350 ºF.

In a mixing bowl (I always do this recibe by hand) we mix together the oil and th sugar. Next we add the eggs yolks keeping the whites in an other bowl because we will need them later.

The next step is to add gradually the flour and baking powder (you don´t have to sift them) until well combained. Make sure you don´t overmix otherwise you´ll get a tough cake.

Once we have this well combained is time to add the flavouring so the lemon zest and if you want a few drops of lemon extract.

Then we need to whipp the whites until soft pics form. You can do this with a normal whisk (it will take around 5-7 good minutes) or use an electric mixer.

Then we need to incorporare the whites into the cake mix being very careful with an spatula or a metal spoon.

Finally we pass our mixture into our pan and we need to bake it at 180º C/ 350 ºF for around 40-45 minutes, until is golden brown an when you insert a tooth pic into the center this comes out clean.


And that it is, I hope you´ve like it, any dought that you have you just have to live me a comment or send me a comment an I will be pleased to answer.

Happy Birthday to my blog, thank you for 3.841 views since the first day and I hope you will contiu to read it.

Lots of kisses, Soco.

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