Thirst Project x La Repostería de Soco

Yesterday I collaborated with the Thirst Project to raise funds for the global water crisis. Today we are very fortunate to have water for our use and enjoyment but there are many people and children who do not have this luck.

Through this project, based in Los Angeles, we can gradually raise funds so that in a sustainable way, access to drinking water is taken to those places where it is most needed. I hope that with my little help, we are closer to reducing this global crisis. If you are interested, you can write me or contact Thirst Project to collaborate with them.

Here I show you the cookies I prepared. I hope you like them and leave me in comments if you have any more ideas for this type of projects.

At La Repostería de Soco, we are always open to collaborate with NGOs and foundations to create a social impact.
Many kisses, SOCO

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